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  • Free
  • 37 lessons
  • Details: Confront the sobering challenges of the higher ed job market, then courageously accept the challenge to engage in a deliberate process of learning, strategizing, and executing a disciplined and intelligent academic search process.
  • Course Description: Academii prepares scholars for academic careers. Founded by a graduate school Dean, its courses equip aspiring professors and administrators for the academic job search process. Enjoy our free course, Gratis, to learn and experience what Academii offers.
  • Course Challenge: Either persist in an uninspired and cynical academic career pursuit or make a transformational change in your thinking, then commit to exploring how Academii prepares scholars for higher ed jobs.

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The Gratis Course


Dr. Freddy Cardoza

Academii Dean

Freddy Cardoza, PhD

Academii Dean

Dr. Freddy Cardoza currently serves as Dean of a Higher Learning Commission and ATS-accredited institution. He has 25 years of higher education teaching and administrative experience, with an earned PhD in Leadership and emphases in higher education administration and professorial teaching. He currently teaches at the Research (PhD), Professional (DMin), and Specialty (DICS) Doctoral levels, while overseeing bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees in residential, online, accelerated, hybrid, and competency-based programs. Since 2010, he has taught PhD seminars and presented academic papers preparing students for higher education positions, while successfully mentoring leaders into these types of roles across the United States. He is the author-editor of a major recent textbook in the area of educational theory and higher education. Dr. Cardoza has launched Academii to equip and encourage scholars toward achieving their goal of serving in academia.

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