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The seemingly insurmountable challenge of landing a career in academic teaching or administration is well-documented. Research suggests that, depending on one's chosen field, as few as 10-17% of seekers will find a full-time teaching post. Even well-intentioned faculty, family, and friends regularly remind you that the odds are not in your favor. But keep in mind that newly vacant positions are announced on a regular basis. In each instance, someone will be hired. And, despite the odds, each of your college, graduate, and doctoral professors was hired into their positions. What's more, you personally know others who've made it into the ranks of academia. They did it.

Why not you?

No more excuses.

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Plato founded the Academy in ancient Athens.  It was the first institution of higher learning in the Western world. There, great minds were formed and civilization reached its zenith. In that "school which would last 1000 years", the concept of the modern university was established. It is in this spirit that Academii came to be. Academii prepares scholars for jobs in higher education by providing courses that are online and on-demand.

Academii Course Benefits

  • Self-Paced

    You're busy. You want equipped, but you need a system that gives your schedule priority. With Academii, you start, continue, and complete courses at your own pace. Whether you have minutes or hours to learn, auto-generated bookmarks clearly track your learning progress so you don't waste even a moment.

  • Shrewdly-Strategic

    You don't have time to play games. That's why Academii is built by an actual Dean who teaches academic job search strategies in scholarly societies and PhD seminars. In each Academii course, you'll gain tactical and practical strategies, along with access to useful tools found nowhere else and exclusive to this service.

  • Results-Oriented

    Academii has been built with a head and a heart. It educates, equips, and encourages scholars. It helps you better understand and carefully prepare for your new career. In each course, principles are immediately applied through projects designed to give you a distinct advantage over other candidates in the search.

Meet the Dean

Freddy Cardoza, PhD

Academii Dean

Dr. Freddy Cardoza currently serves as Dean of a Higher Learning Commission and ATS-accredited institution. He has 25 years of higher education teaching and administrative experience, with an earned PhD in Leadership and emphases in higher education administration and professorial teaching. He currently teaches at the Research (PhD), Professional (DMin), and Specialty (DICS) Doctoral levels, while overseeing bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees in residential, online, accelerated, hybrid, and competency-based programs. Since 2010, he has taught PhD seminars and presented academic papers preparing students for higher education positions, while successfully mentoring leaders into these types of roles across the United States. He is the author-editor of a major recent textbook in the area of educational theory and higher education. Dr. Cardoza has launched Academii to equip and encourage scholars toward achieving their goal of serving in academia.


“Everything I know about cover letter and CV writing I learned from Freddy Cardoza. Freddy is the one-shop-stop for all your job pursuit needs. In fact, his advice and the resources he provided were instrumental to me obtaining a full-time teaching position in the academic world.”

Ryan B

“Academii taught me valuable and practical skills, such as designing a course and creating syllabi. This helped me secure a teaching position and also made my first semester of teaching much easier. I highly recommend Academii to anyone seeking a full-time position in higher education.”

Dr. Christy Gonet

“If you are interested in improving skills, I found these to be the most important sessions I have ever attended. If you do what Freddy says, you will get bites for a job. He is a great guy as well!”

Dr. B

“I wholeheartedly recommend Academii! If you apply what Academii teaches, I am convinced that you will advance in your academic career. The content, delivery, and the tools that you will acquire are unparalleled. You will be equipped to teach more effectively, to create an outstanding Curriculum Vitae, and to stand out over the competition. Academii is the place you didn’t know you were looking for.”

Dr. Carlos Pamplona

“The content of Academii is borderline prophetic. I owe much of my being hired to a full-time university position to the extraordinary forward-looking I experienced here. Even as I press deeper into my career, I constantly refer back to what I learned because it proves to be all the more relevant.”

Joe S.

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