Doctoral Students, Grads, PostDocs, & Part-Time or Adjunct Professors, and Highly-Educated Professionals:

Don't surrender your dream of a career in higher ed

The seemingly insurmountable challenge of landing a career in academe is well-documented. Research suggests that, depending on one's chosen field, as few as 10-17% of seekers will find a full-time teaching post. Sadly, even well-intentioned faculty, family, and friends unwittingly discourage you by regular reminders that the odds are not in your favor.

The good news is there are more than four-thousand institutions of higher learning within the United States alone. In these schools, new vacant administrative and teaching positions are announced on a regular basis. In every instance, someone will be hired to fill each vacancy.

But every search is filled with well-educated and hopeful, but hapless candidates. Unaware of exactly what institutions are looking for and how to present themselves as the missing puzzle piece, most applicants self-destruct somewhere along the search process.

As the system mercilessly spits out the vast majority of candidates, most chalk up the rejection email as a glutted market or school politics at play. They never suspect that many of those positions were within reach, had they known what institutions want and need— and grasped the strategies to communicate themselves as the solution to the problem.

Never forget that, despite the odds, your own professors were once hired into their current positions. And chances are that you personally know scholars who've been offered contracts— despite the odds. They and many others like them have successfully made it into the Ivory Tower.

They did it. Why not you?

Academii has answers.

No more excuses.

Welcome to ACADEMII

Plato founded the Academy in ancient Athens. It was the first institution of higher learning in the Western world. There, great minds were formed and civilization reached its zenith. In that "school which would last 1000 years", the concept of the modern university was established. It is in this spirit that Academii came to be. 


Academii expertly prepares scholars for jobs in higher education. 

Whether it is finding help for your academic job search through supportive online communities, taking a free on demand course,  listening to a higher ed job podcast, taking a practical webinar, or experiencing high-end single courses and bundled, certificate-based courses, Academii helps you solve the riddles of today's academic job hunt.

Our one-of-a-kind resources have a powerfully-positive and intensely-practical approach.  They will motivate and invigorate your flagging academic job search and strategy.  So enough with the tired approaches and desperate attempts to manufacture interest from choice flagship institutions. You must stop wasting valuable time and limited energy by getting expert advice and shrewd strategies about today's academic job market from our Academii Sages and the Oracle of Academii. 

But just as important as our targeted academic career training is, Academii also provides different forms of mentoring and a supportive community to keep you moving toward your academic career goals. Let's be honest, you've spent enough time walking alone on the grueling path toward your career dream. Now is the time to try Academii's unique combination of a supportive community, combined with peer and expert help, along with a supportive online community to help you succeed!

Academii Understands Academe

We Get It

Most of those around you don't and probably can't appreciate the unique challenges you face while moving into higher education. They don't understand the emotional pressure you're under and the physical toll you endure while juggling your many responsibilities. 

But Academii does.

This is our world. We understand what makes you tick. And we are here to serve and support you as you reach for the "brass ring"—that elusive goal of a career in higher ed.

Read the following statements. We think you'll agree that Academii has an acute understanding of what you deal with on a daily basis. Then check out the free resources we've designed to help you.

We can probably guess what's on your mind.  

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You wonder why institutions provide educational degrees, but few offer academic career help

Yes, exactly. And you'd probably look into using academic job market resources if you knew what they were and believed they were credible. As it is, you have unanswered questions and don't know who has the time or expertise to give you answers.

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We understand why you're cautious about seeking academic career assistance

First, you want to feel understood. You don't want to be dismissed nor be made to feel embarrassed by holding on to your decade-long dream of serving in higher education. And you don't want to spend time on unhelpful solutions when you're already busy.

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We know unique stressors in your life are creating an urgency for career solutions

You know there's a limited time to get that higher ed job before you begin to feel desperate. That plus spouses begin to be impatient about you still not having the career figured out. Everyone knows you're really bright but, if so, why the delay in employment?

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We get your motivation to understand the academic search process more fully

Let's face it, you want the Good Life... a life of influence, respect, reputation, and prestige. You want the academic lifestyle.
You want to use your rarified knowledge and research in your specialization so you can change the world.

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We appreciate concerns you have about whether a service like Academii can help

You're concerned the years of higher education preparation for your narrow field of expertise may not find fulfillment. It bothers you that your personal reputation as the 'smartest person in the room' won't have much stock if you end up unemployed.

 Listen to This 

We know that not using your education to the fullest is painful and frustrating

We know lots of scholars feel under-appreciated and underemployed in their current situation. You see graduates from your doctoral program getting opportunities, while you haven't. You only use a small percentage of what you're trained to do.

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We understand you may think investing in higher ed job preparation could be a waste of time and resources

You've got educational debt and wonder whether this might something that would exploit your vocational vulnerability. And besides, what if you don't learn anything valuable?

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We know that scholars who visit our website are serious about landing an academic position

People like you are highly motivated. You don't want to delay learning the best things to do for applying and interviewing, because that could give others an advantage. And you're tired not being the last one standing.

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Academii Benefits

  • Flexible

    You want to shine as an academic job candidate but need your schedule to drive the career-equipping process. With Academii, busy scholars can complete training self-paced while those wanting to multiply their job opportunities will be given deadline-based career-accelerating assignments.

  • Shrewd

    You don't have time to play games with your career. We get it. Academii is built by an actual Graduate School Dean who teaches higher ed job search strategies in scholarly societies and PhD seminars. Our practical, street-smart approach helps you outwit and outlast the clueless masses.

  • Practical

    You don't have time for career-related negativity, cynicism, and depressing career support groups. Academii does three things: It teaches scholars must-know career tips, provides positive encouragement, and helps you produce the needed tools to get your job of choice.


What others are saying about Academii

Meet the Dean

Freddy Cardoza, PhD

Academii Dean

Dr. Freddy Cardoza is the Founder and Dean of Academii. He draws his credibility and authenticity in higher education career preparation by currently serving as both Vice President and Dean of a Higher Learning Commission and ATS-accredited institution. He is the author-editor of a major recent textbook in the area of educational theory and higher education, and travels extensively for speaking and other events.

Dr. Cardoza holds the rank of full professor and serves on the senior leadership team and presidential cabinet of his institution. He has over 25 years of higher education teaching and administrative experience in colleges, graduate schools, and a ranked national university. Dr. Cardoza holds a PhD in Leadership and has completed additional post-doctoral research (EdD, ABD). He has earned career specializations in higher education administration and professorial teaching.

Dr. Cardoza teaches at both the Research and Professional Doctoral levels. On a daily basis, he oversees bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degree students in residential, online, accelerated, hybrid, and competency-based programs. Since 2010, he has regularly taught PhD seminars, presented academic papers, and provided professional coaching for the specific purpose of preparing students for higher education positions.

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