Never Surrender!

Are you pursuing an academic career? 

Our Community is named after the invincible Greek military formation of ancient times.

PHALANX ["FAY·langks"] is an online community for scholars committed to seeking jobs and careers in higher education.

The famed Macedonian Phalanxes led by Alexander the Great included 16 pike-and-shield bearing soldiers. Though our group will grow to include many, the Phalanax is described, defined, and defended by members committed to 16 immutable principles.


PHALANX Members: 

  • 1. Have no agenda except members' job search and career success
  • 2. Protect the Phalanx from spies & defectors who violate our values  
  • 3. Are optimistic, but not polyanna and unrealistic
  • 4. Are durably hopeful, not doubtful and hopeless
  • 5. Are positive, never cynical or critical
  • 6. Are action-oriented, not passive or stagnant
  • 7. Reject bitterness, extended pity parties, & negativity
  • 8. Welcomes the weak and tired, then makes them strong
  • 9. Respect and accept moments of weakness and doubt  
  • 10. Acknowledge temporary setbacks without demoralization
  • 11. Persevere in hardship and heal one another's wounds
  • 12. Celebrate others' victories without envy or jealousy
  • 13. Consider others' wins a part of their own glory
  • 14. Assume leadership by building & maintaining the community
  • 15. Contribute to and participate in the group or retire from it
  • 16. Draw their strength from group unity and common cause

* Honoring these Phalanx Principles is a precondition of ongoing community membership.  See also the Program Policies section of our Terms of Use.

Our Invitation and Challenge

If you want to be a member of the Phalanx, click to join other courageous doctoral students, graduates, and professionals who refuse to surrender their vision for a life and career in the Ivory Tower. We will not give up on you or your dream of Academe— No. Never. Not without a fight. 

The Phalanx stands beside and behind you until or unless you decide it's time to hang up your pike and shield, to valiantly leave the battlefield— in honor, and at the time of your choosing.

Members of the Phalanx never stand alone.  

Email a friend to join you in this epic adventure for the Good Life and academic glory!  

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